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Anastrabold - Arimidex

Anastrabold - Arimidex

SKU : Anastrabold
Brand : Omega Lab


Omega Labs Anastrabold is an Anti-Estrogen that belongs to a new form of aromatase inhibitors. This cuts down the amount of the hormone estrogen that your body makes, helping to promote your lean appearance, while also having a good meal and training plan.

Anastrazole is much more effective than Proviron and Tamoxifen citrate, inhibiting up to 80 percent of estrogen hormone production.

Professional athletes consider Anastrazole as the best anti-estrogen and it is a fundamental product for any post-cycle that involves direct testosterone.

Contains 28 tablets enough to complete your post-cycle.

How to use Anastrozole: After your cycle ends Take 1 daily pill 1 hour before sleep for 14 days.

Other names: anastrozol, anastrozole, anastrozolo, arimidex tabs, anastrozole tablets, arimiozol

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