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SKU : Stan
Brand : Omega Lab

Stan – Water Based

CONTENT: 100 MG / Vial 20 ML

The injection form of stanozolol is a water based injectable steroid that is a derivative of DHT. Both oral and injectable forms are c17-alfa-alkylated chemicals. This of course makes the injectable form moderately liver toxic and the oral form liver toxic in high dosages. Before going on let me make it clear that the injectable form is the same as the oral. For this reason the injectable form has frequently been used as an oral also.

Stanozolol is a high anabolic /moderate androgenic that causes a significant elevation in protein synthesis and an improved nitrogen retention. Since it does not aromatize to estrogen, water retention, gyno, and female pattern fat deposits do not occur. A high protein diet of 1.5-2-g of protein per LB of bodyweight daily was necessary to obtain the best results. Many used stanozolol as a pre-contest drug because it provided a continuously harder appearance. When 50-100mg every 1-2 days was stacked with 76- mg of Parabolan every 2-3 days, Many also added Masteron, Equipoise, or Testosterone Propionate/ Testosterone Suspension with the addition of anti-estrogens for water retention and aromatization control.

Women often reported 25mg 2-3 times weekly or a single weekly 50-mg injection use reported no virilization effects. Stacked with Oxandrolone, women achieved excellent quality lean mass gains.

Other names: stanobol, stanozolol wáter, Stanozolol depot, winstrol d, winstrol depot, Stanozolol 100, Stanozolol 50.

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