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SKU : Ena-Test
Brand : Omega Lab

CONTENT: 250MG / Vial 10 ML

Testosterone Enanthate, owing to its highly anabolic/highly androgenic effects, tends to be used in an off-season mass cycle. Water retention during administration of testosterone with this particular ester is reasonably high.

The dose 400-1000mg week were the most common range, but users easily experienced excellent results with 400-600mg per week. Testosterone preparations stacks well with the rest of AAS and has added a distinct androgenic effect, while also helping to avoid sexual sides, and showing users an improved regenerative quality and greater training intensity. Naturally, this facilitated a significant increase in weight load capacity increase.

Other names: test enantate, testoplex e, testobold, test 250, test 300, testabol enantate, testosterone enanthate injection, testoviron, primoteston.

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