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SKU : Boldebold
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CONTENT: 100MG / Vial 10 ML

Undeclynate Boldenone is one of the compounds most used by athletes today. Although it is a veterinary steroid, the quality of production is quite high due to its use in rather expensive animals. It is one of the safest and most effective steroids used today, by athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Men get good results from 300-a total of 600 mg weekly. In the past, this includes the use of one every other day (EOD) injection schedule, because boldenone was only available in very low concentrations (50-100mgs / ml).

Women have made great progress with dosages of 50-100mg total weekly doses, and this generally means a 1 weekly injections of programming. Women generally seem to prefer less scar-tissue build men are comfortable with. In this dose range, women almost never report virilizing side effects and usually only experienced an elevated libido.

athletes usually stacked with testosterone and boldenone dough Anadrol cycles. Dianabol, due to its close resemblance to boldenone chemically, is not normally used with Anadrol in cycles containing EQ (a rare exception). Cut, or pre-contest cycles including Boldenone often Trenbolones, Winstrol. With said drug, an anti-estrogen is generally not necessary.

Other names: boldenone, equipoise, equigan, equibol, equidrol, Equiplex, boldeplex, Undecilenato de Boldenona, ganabol, EQ300, EQ250

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